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7135100Now that Bill is well-rested from his exciting finish at the Beast of Burden Winter 100, he’s set his sights on Spring races before he’ll ramp up his training even more to take on a huge dream: a series of 200 Mile races scheduled to start in July. I’ll tell you more about that as plans evolve, but first things first.

The weather turned colder and colder in our area as winter progressed, but Bill has trained on. Why let frosted beards and eyelashes deter you? I thought 9 and 10° Fahrenheit were cold when I posted pictures of Bill doing training runs to prep for Beast of Burden.

Little did I know that February’s temps would dwarf those.

It just kept getting colder…

Here’s a picture he took inside his truck in early February after finishing a morning run:


That’s 4° Fahrenheit. Heaven knows what it was when he started!

And the cold just kept getting colder.

Here’s a picture he took inside his truck in late February before a run:


That was negative 15° Fahrenheit.

I can’t even imagine.

One weekend in February we went to our favorite B & B (which was one of Bill’s Christmas presents to me. Stretching out Christmas gift receiving is a really fun plan!), and there was this freak warm spell that weekend (in the 20’s). He talked me in to running with him. The cold didn’t even bother me, as I always warm up very quickly when exercising. I was taking my gloves and hood off and lowering the zipper on the coat within a quarter mile.

But running in 6″ of snow – ugh!


The hood was already off. I was still smiling. We must have been about a tenth of a mile in.

I ran four miles and then Bill went on for another 10. That’s some hard work running through snow. I say it counts as twice the distance.

Thankfully, those extremes seem to be behind us for this winter, and March is shaping up to be a busy ultra schedule for Bill. He plans to run a 50k in Ohio called the Buzzard Day Trail Race (I have no idea…. apparently this is something they celebrate in Cleveland…) and volunteer at the Lt. J.C. Stone 50k in Pittsburgh’s North Park (a race in honor of a Pittsburgh native Green Beret and “all who have fought for our country.” The race was founded and is directed by one of Bill’s friends and running partners, Lou D’Angelo).

And then there is this thing that we’re both almost giddy about. There’s a 100 mile race that goes through some of the filming locations of one of our favorite TV series. I’m going to give you five clues and see if anyone can guess (if we’ve already told you, don’t say it yet!). I’ll also be posting this to the new blog Facebook page, launching today. You can make your guesses there as well.

If no one guesses with this posting, I’ll re-post next week with more clues, and repeat that each week. 

1. It’s not in Pennsylvania.
2. There are rolling hills and farms.
3. We might hear a different accent there.
4. We’re dying to see it.
5. Google says there are Steeler bars nearby.

There should be some great photo-ops for this race, and I look forward to being able to write about it!

Until next time,

Keep Moving Forward,


And now it’s right where it’s meant to be. The gift that keeps on giving!

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