Tasty, Satisfying Snacks That Are Healthy Too

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Real fruit bars - no added ingredients. It's hard for me to keep fresh fruit around because of how quickly it spoils and because I don't like to go to the store several times a week. Another challenge with fresh fruit is that it's messy. These bars are fabulous. All they are is the dehydrated version of actual fruit; nothing added. So they last longer and they're portable. I've seen them in apple-blueberry, apple-mango, and apple-pear combos. Obviously this wouldn't fill you up when you feel like you could eat the whole pantry, but they're great to bring along on errands or when you just need to take the edge off.


Yes, chocolate. Apparently the research is now showing that dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher) not only isn't bad for us but has health benefits, such as antioxidants and flavonols. I'm not a scientist or medical expert but I'm hopping on board this bandwagon. I have a few squares of dark chocolate almost every day. Usually it's a small little treat at the end of the evening with a glass of wine or after lunch to get ready for the afternoon.


Pancake bars. I take my almond and coconut flour pancake recipes and make them into bars so that they're a little more substantial and portable. Yummy! These make a good mid-morning snack or on days when I skipped breakfast. There's egg in them for some protein and longer-lasting fullness.


Smoothies. These can be quite filling. Shoot for fresh ingredients without added sugars or flavors. Drinking smoothies makes me feel like I'm having a milkshake, and I like that. 1463159631


Dried fruit pieces - no sugar or other ingredients added. I'm such a huge fan of these! As I said above, products like these make fruit more portable. They also make it so much easier to get fruit in the diet. These fruit bags are more filling than the bars because of the size. They also come in more varieties. The cool thing for me has been that I found out I like the dehydrated version of some fruits that I don't really prefer fresh and cold. I don't even like Granny Smith apples but these chips are really good!


Nuts. For when you want something salty. There's not much to say about these other than don't get the ones with extra flavors added.


Add a hard-boiled egg. This little trio is a delicious breakfast idea too.

Thoughts and other suggestions?

One step at a time,
<3 Debbie

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