My Body is Going Rogue

I turned 52 four months ago and my body is staging a coup.

It reached a crescendo last week. I realized that my normally favorite bra was suddenly irritating the tar out of me and constantly needing readjusted. It wasn't too old and it wasn't stretched out and it was fine probably the day before. I figured I must have gained 10 pounds over night. But then the suddenly

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Would You Rather Be Happy or Joyful? –Traci Crowe

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. –Thich Nhat Hanh

I have been asked before if there is a difference between happiness and joy. I’ve heard it said that there is. But I’ve also heard that there isn’t. They’re interrelated…interchangeable. So I looked it up:

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2015 Colorado 200 – Gunnison National Forest, Colorado


I don’t remember how this all started but one day last year Bill found out about a first-of-its-kind 200 mile endurance race around Lake Tahoe. He thought it would be an incredible challenge and experience, so we talked about it and agreed he should enter. At first he was around #89 on the waiting list but a few weeks before the race he found out he could get in. Turned out that like 150 people changed their minds. Fortunately for Bill, he had already been training hard for two extremely difficult races: Badwater 135 in July and Eastern States 100 in August. He felt he’d be ready for Tahoe, so off we went. It was grueling, gorgeous, and slow-going but he finished and said it was “fun!” (I didn’t have this blog yet so there’s no race report, but I did later show you some of the aftermath.)

The next thing I know, Bill is telling me that …

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Getting Race Ready: High Altitude Edition

Well, it’s that time again! Bill’s next challenge is almost here, and it’s a doozy.

In January I showed you how he was getting ready for a 100 mile race near Buffalo, NY. Basically he needed to run a lot in extremely cold weather. His training seemed to pay off!

This time it’s about altitude, elevation gain & loss, remote locations, and as if that’s not enough, even further distances.

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