I’ll Start on Monday… 5 Delicious, Filling & Healthier Breakfast Ideas

If you’re really going to start on Monday, make that impression on your brain first thing in the morning! Plan for breakfast. Eating food that is filling and won’t put you on the sugar rush-crash-crave-repeat or food coma roller coaster is a really great way to set yourself up for success the rest of the day.

{*Going the Distance food basics are: fresh, real food, as minimally processed as possible, no or very little added sugar, nothing artificial, from scratch – no or very little packaging,]

1. Porridge

This is great if you love warm cereals like oatmeal or cream of wheat. But this porridge has no processed ingredients, nothing artificial, and no added sugar.



2. Pancakes

Yes I said pancakes! With the magic of coconut flour, almond flour, or cashew flour and sweeteners such as bananas or honey, you can eat pancakes that are clean, natural, and won’t do damage to your waistline and health.


3. Hearty Omelets

I never cared for eggs very much and this has become an acquired taste. I still don’t necessarily adore them but they’re a good, filling source of protein and with some delicious fillers I quite enjoy a good omelet! I try to add some kind of meat, veggies, and maybe some avocado or cheese. This one had chicken, sweet peppers, spinach, and avocado. Delish!


4. Fried Plantains (and a side of uncured, organic, grass-fed bacon!)

With the crunch of the cooking method and the sea salt on top, these plantains satisfy the bagel/toast/english muffin type of craving.


5. A homemade smoothie and a few handfuls of nuts

If you don’t have much of an appetite in the morning but find yourself ready to binge by mid-morning or lunch time, this is something lighter yet it should satisfy you enough not to start shoving half a dozen donuts down a few hours into work.

My go-to is a banana-berry smoothie but there are dozens of smoothie ideas on the internet. *Just remember – (1) this should be homemade. The pre-packaged smoothies or mixes often have all kinds of additives in them and higher sugar. (2) Don’t use any recipes with processed ingredients or added sugar. That includes things like flavored yogurt, chocolate syrup, and peanut butter (unless you make your own).

This smoothie has 8 oz. coconut milk, a little crushed ice, a handful of baby spinach and/or baby kale, a banana, and a few handfuls of berries.


So what do you think? Which one(s) look the best to you? Ready to start on Monday?

One step at a time,
Cheering for you!



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