For People Who Believe They Could Never Be a Runner

Today when I was trying on three different pairs of running shoes with various insole combinations to keep plantar fasciitis away, using different shoelace-tying techniques to maximize support and minimize numbness, looking at the weather forecast to decide what clothing combinations wouldn’t make me shiver or die of heat stroke, deciding whether the water or calories…

…I had in me were sufficient, and figuring out what pace I needed to run to make it through a very hilly six mile run… I realized that running is part mathematical equation and part scientific experiment so no wonder so many people despise it.

Seriously. You can do all that or you can throw on any old t-shirt and stretch pants, tie your shoes the way every other normal person does, and go to a fitness class at the gym where you mindlessly follow an instructor and grab water when you need it.

(NOTE: I am not belittling fitness classes. I adore fitness classes. They’re just a different animal.)

You can also stay home where there’s no agony and gasping for air.

And yet… I’m drawn to keep running.

Me, the last person on the face of the earth who could come to love running. The person who couldn’t run a block a few years ago.

Getting those mathematical and scientific puzzle pieces figured out unlocks a truth that, like Bill told me and I’ve come to believe, we were born to run. And when we do it, it’s pretty addictive.

Every month or so someone contacts me and asks me to either run with them or give them some advice because they want to start running. Every time they do I tell Bill that I can’t believe I would ever. EVER. be the name that would enter someone’s mind for guidance about running.

Because I hated it with every cell in my being and believed that I could never, ever run more than a block. I was sedentary. No one ever saw or heard of me running. I could barely even walk very far or fast without complaining or wanting to sit down. My knees hurt going up and down stairs.

But little by little by ever so little it all came together. 

I want to encourage you that, as frustrating as this sport can be, you should get cleared by a doctor, but otherwise you can absolutely do it.

It’s a matter of getting the right information and figuring out all these math and science equations. But after that, you’ll be hooked.

I know this because the number, type, and distances of races and people running them is increasing every year.

I know this because of programs like Couch-to-5k and all the running apps for phones and all the running watches and all the running clothes.

We were born to run.

So if you’ve been looking for a sign that you should really start trying this; today is your day 🙂

I encourage you to read my “10 Things to Try Before Deciding You Hate Running” and “Maybe You Were Born to Run” posts, print out the 10 Things to Try graphic, get cleared by your physician, do the math & science and get all your gear, find a running program or friend in your area, and enjoy!

And please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions! I would be honored and thrilled to help!

Keep moving forward,
<3 Debbie

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