1425835773Here it goes, my first entry! And I’m going to write about feet.

In my “About Me” introduction, I told you that Bill’s running effects everything, including how we eat and play. There are a lot of facets to that which I’ll tell you about over time, but today I’d like to show you what he was doing while we were eating and playing in the days following his finishing the Tahoe 200 race:

*WARNING: Graphic images not for the faint of heart or stomach.

We went to beautiful Squaw Valley and were enjoying some lovely refreshments surrounded by mountains and sunshine and other sightseers. Mid-conversation, as if…

he were going to start discussing what time hotel checkout was or who was picking us up at the airport, Bill starts attending to blisters on his feet.

There, in the picture above, is the table where we were eating and drinking, on the left where the drinking glass is. And there is Bill with a safety pin in his right hand, with which he had just stabbed his heel to break open and drain a blister on his left heel, and he is dabbing it with the napkin in his left hand.

Naturally that’s what everyone does in the alfresco eating area of a restaurant, right? Also, he was wearing those flip flops because he couldn’t really fit his swollen, blistered, sore feet inside of any other shoes.

A few days later, back home in Pennsylvania, I kept finding pieces of foot skin. Typically around food serving and consumption areas (?!)…


On the kitchen bench where we put our shoes on. Seriously. Look at the size of that thing that came off his foot!


RIGHT BESIDE my protein shake. Again, as if this is the most normal thing happening everywhere.

And while hanging out watching TV, Bill continued his foot repair regime….

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Can you imagine?

Last but not least. A close up of his beat up toes. You may have heard that people who run a lot lose toenails? He lost a few after this race.


Makes you want to get right out there and train for an ultra, right?

Bill told me the other day that lately he’s noticed when he runs and he feels his toes starting to rub from ramming against the front of his shoes for awhile, that it doesn’t even bother him anymore.

And I realized I understood that completely. It’s amazing to me what we can get used to.

I’ve been learning over the past few years that I can adapt to and actually be fine with so much more than I ever would’ve believed was within been the remotest realm of possibility. Like, for example, that I have come to like country music. But more importantly, that I learned and actually enjoy Quickbooks; transitioned my sleep habits from being a total night owl to going to bed at 10 p.m. and waking up at 4 a.m.; happily choose bags of almonds over bags of M & M’s to snack on or eggs instead of cereal for breakfast; and run willingly and enjoy it.

I didn’t realize I could learn and do well at Quickbooks until I took a basic course and then basically got thrown into the deep end and told, “swim!”

I didn’t realize I could actually be tired early if I regularly woke up early. And that I could enjoy my coveted “me time” in the dark of the morning instead of the dark of night so that I could get on the same sleep schedule as hubby, who wakes up at 3 a.m. to run.

I didn’t realize I would love almonds or pistachios or walnuts or eggs after my taste buds detoxed themselves from a steady diet of chemicals and sugar and whatever pseudofood-crack goes in processed and fast foods. I didn’t know that after I hadn’t eaten cereal for months and ate a bowl of “healthy” Grape Nuts, I felt the cloud of depression and exhaustion come over me that was so strikingly noticeable but that I had previously thought was “normal” and “me.”

I didn’t realize that I could run until I had more energy, found the right shoes for my gait, learned about staying on a pace, found out that I can’t eat (even something healthy) sooner than a few hours before running, and realized how helpful water is along the way.

It’s a new year. Maybe there’s something new you’d like to try or a challenge you’d like to take. Or maybe you’re being faced with circumstances you didn’t choose but you have to adapt to them.

Keep an open mind.

Don’t automatically think it’s impossible that you’re ever going to actually like it or be able to do it naturally. Don’t refuse to try.

Do research on the topic, talk to people who do that thing well, and try going about it different ways. If one way didn’t work before, try another way. I find Pinterest to be a such a helpful tool in keeping ideas, tips, and information in one easily accessible place. Finding a community of people who are passionate about and experienced in what you’re trying to do makes all the difference in the world. You can not only get a lot of short cuts and spare yourself a lot of novice mistakes, but you can get support and encouragement along the way. 

So I guess this wasn’t all about feet after all…. you never know where the journey will take you!

Keep moving forward,

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