about the ultrarunner

Bill ran on the track and cross country teams in high school and quickly discovered he had a passion for longer distances. He made it to states three times and also ran on a Junior Olympics cross country team that went to nationals in St. Louis. After high school, he ran cross country for a year in college and after that was sponsored by Athletic Attic for a few more years.

Then grown up life kicked in.... work, marriage, parenting, and bills to pay.

Several years went by and when Bill turned 40 and decided he had enough of being totally out of shape, he put on some running shoes and fell back in love with the sport.

Bill started competing in 5K's & 10K's and then ran his first marathon in 2007 (note: first marathon, 41 years old). Soon after that, he heard about a 34 mile trail run called the Rachel Carson Challenge. He figured he could handle running eight more miles than he had in the marathon, so he decided he'd give it a try. Around this time he also read Dean Karnazes' book, Ultramarathonman, which is about running distances of 100 miles and further. Bill was fascinated by Dean's abilities but completely scoffed at attempting it himself and believed that there was "no way" he could ever run one of those.... While training for Rachel Carson, someone told Bill about a 50 mile race called the Baker Ultra. He did well at Rachel Carson and figured he'd give the 50 miler a try. He ran Baker in August, 2008 and it didn't go well (in fact it was brutal) but he was determined not to be defeated by it but to return and do it better next time.

Over the next few years Bill ran several 50k and 50mile ultras, improving his results overall and learning from each experience. In 2010 he decided to try the 70 mile Laurel Highlands Ultra and after finishing that he came home and signed up for his first 100 (Oil Creek 100).

Bill started studying everything about the sport. He changed his nutrition to a largely Paleo diet, devoted himself to cross training, and racked up dozens of weekly miles. He became a stronger and stronger runner. In 2012, Bill placed first in the Midwest Grand Slam, a four-race series. In 2013, he achieved one of his ultimate dreams - competing in the Badwater 135 in Death Valley, California.

Bill has built quite a resume and variety of experiences since becoming an ultrarunner. He's raced on the beach, through volcano ruins, across desserts, below sea level, and into mountain elevations high enough for snow in the middle of summer, He's run in 125* Death Valley sun and below zero Buffalo, NY snow with 35 mph wind gusts. He's encountered snakes and cattle herds that wouldn't get out of his way, dogs chasing him in the middle of the night, and cars trying to run him off the road. He's run in his sleep and hallucinated. In 2014 he increased his distance yet again - the Tahoe 200. He's since done three 200's and has many more challenges in mind. The sport continues to evolve and grow in popularity, so he feels like there are almost endless invitations calling him to explore... be tortured... prove to himself what he's made of.

Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Races


For the summer of 2017 Bill is participating in the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. It's a series of four 100 mile races.

Western States 100 (the oldest 100 mile trail race in the world.

Vermont 100

Leadville 100

(August 19, 2017)

Wasatch 100

(September 8, 2017)