Life isn't about perfection. It's about being utterly relentless and refusing to give up, give in or stay down until you're done. --Holley Gerth

hi & welcome! <3

Like you, I'm a juggler. My juggling involves hubby the ultrarunner, kids & bonus kids, lots of A.D.D., creative juices, big ideas, and bleeding hearts. With that combination, things can get pretty wild pretty quick as you can imagine 🙂

It's impossible for me to narrow down my favorite things because A.D.D. life as a whole fascinates me, but some are: magic markers, mountains, dancing, and all things Pittsburgh. My faith is the core, anchor and rock of my life.

Somehow I find myself at 50-and-counting feeling better than ever. Well, not including my hearing and eyesight... But after struggling for years with what I call my oppression (anxiety, depression, and eating disorders), I felt pretty much stuck and out of control. I felt like I was desperately wasting my life.

Then the fog started lifting and lots was changing and people were asking questions. Hence this blog. More of that story here...

what Going the Distance is all about

taking care of ourselves ... mind, body, soul & spirit ... because we're as irreplaceable as all the other people we care about ... and because it gives us fuel, strength & energy to get all we can from this precious life
doing what we're alive to do ... using our abilities .... sharing our gifts .... living in alignment with our purpose & dealing with our challenges .... satisfaction instead of striving for perfection or making it up as we go
sharing the Cinderella stories we all have inside of us and helping each other Go the Distance