Life isn't about perfection. It's about being utterly relentless and refusing to give up, give in or stay down until you're done. --Holley Gerth.

hi & welcome! <3

Like you, I'm a juggler. My juggling involves a hubby, kids, bonus kids, lots of A.D.D., creative juices, and a bleeding heart. With that combination, things can get pretty wild pretty quick, as you can imagine :)

I love dry red wine, magic markers, words & paper, all things Pittsburgh, learning and dancing. Maybe in that order.

Somehow I find myself at 50-and-counting, yet feeling better than ever. After struggling for years with eating disorders, constant exhaustion, brain fog, and what I call my oppression (anxiety & depression), I felt pretty much out of control. I felt like I was desperately wasting my life, and confused all the time.

Then the fog started lifting...

It changed gradually but so surely. First by putting on my oxygen mask - learning how to take care of myself - body, mind, soul & spirit. Second by learning how to prioritize the precious time I was given. And third, by following God.

Wanna see how that plays out in real life? Please, have a seat, hang out, click around, and let's talk!

I so want to pay it forward and help other people who feel just as out of control and stuck as I did.

I hope you'll share your stories & join me!

what Going the Distance is all about

SELF-CARE: anchored in well-being, energy, strength & longevity

sick & tired of being sick & tired?? // don't know where to start?? start here // learn how to get off of yo-yo, extreme diet roller coasters, break free of food addictions, out-of-control eating, body hang ups, and thinking of exercise & God as punishment // first things first: putting on our oxygen masks by taking good care of our bodies, minds, & souls


feeling like there must be more to life?? // that you have gifts to share but you're not using them?? // overwhelmed with life & dailyness?? // learn how to live in authentic outflow of who you were specifically designed to be and how to view the challenges around you a little differently // it's about life with intention & clarity, never perfection or pressure to perform


do you love cheering for the underdog as much as I do?? // if you have a story of overcoming, please let me know! // I want to share stories of people dealing with obstacles and achieving wellness & sharing their gifts // causes we support such as cancer & alzheimer's disease, foster care & adoption, and the military // we can all help each other Go the Distance